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Fantasy vs. Reality

This morning’s episode of This American Life was rather coincidentally timed for me. It focuses on a county in Alabama in which a quarter of adults receive disability benefits and features an interview with a sympathetic town doctor who views … Continue reading

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State Street, that Great Street, that… Small Street?

Over at Streetsblog Chicago (formerly Grid Chicago), John Greenfield has written a wonderful retrospective of the failed State Street pedestrian mall and asks if and how a pedestrian State Street could be made to work today. Chicago Tribune architecture critic … Continue reading

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Small Streets and Student Housing

The Wall Street Journal, in its unapologetically named Mansion section, just published a feature on private luxury developments for college students. While some might view this piece as yet another sign of the higher education apocalypse (not that they’d necessarily … Continue reading

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Bringing People Together

I don’t wish to spend too much time on this blog discussing various underlying precepts, examples, and goals of small streets urbanism, mainly because there are already blogs, including a rather canonical one, doing a great job of that (although … Continue reading

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Is Hyde Park Walkable?

Hyde Park is what most people would consider a very walkable neighborhood. My Hyde Park apartment is in a “Walkers’ Paradise” according to Walk Score. And indeed, as a young, healthy individual, I can get wherever I want to go … Continue reading

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