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The Rebirth of Retail

Much noise has been made in recent years about the death of retail. The global economic downturn aside, people are increasingly turning to online retailers for much of their shopping. This evolution of shopping habits is only just beginning, and … Continue reading

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Midway Village, Phase 1: Part I

This is the first in a series of posts in which I will describe my vision for the first phase of a small streets village on the Midway, which I originally proposed in my first post. For this phase, I … Continue reading

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Infill Development

One objection I frequently hear from people when I’m arguing the virtues of small streets is that we already have cities, and these cities already have wide streets, so isn’t this whole small streets idea not really applicable? We can’t … Continue reading

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The Bicycle

Old Urbanist has put up a nice overview of the potential pitfalls of pro-bicycling efforts. In short, we should not expect that merely promoting bicycle use will reduce automobile use; indeed, many new cycling trips will replace transit or walking … Continue reading

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The Automobile

In my last post, I explained the ways in which small streets urban design improves walkability by making walking easier. On the other hand, such a design necessarily makes driving harder by making streets narrower, intersections more frequent, and parking … Continue reading

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